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About Dane

    Dane Anthony Bonzai Wallace is a native of Northwest Indiana. He has resided in the small town of Hanna most of his life. Coming from a unique position, growing up out in the country, but near the city of Chicago, this gives him the ability to relate to people from a variety of backgrounds. 


    Growing up, Dane was always looking for a creative outlet for his ideas. Developing a passion for the arts when he started grade school, which led him to take private classes after school and on the weekend when he was in high school. Dane’s interest in art eventually persuaded him to attend the Herron School of Art and Design.

    Throughout his time at Herron, Dane has been able to study art and experience cultures abroad. This has shaped his perspective of the world and inspires him to do more artwork and research on the world around us. 

​    Dane Currently attends the J. Irwin Miller Architecture Program at the Eskenazi School of Art, Architecture + Design at Indiana University. Dane hopes to work on his fine art portfolio as well as his design portfolio while in architecture school. With what he learns in the program, Dane hopes to further his education with another masters, in fine art. With the ultimate goal of teaching hybrid courses that blend fine art and design.
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